starting anew

well...i thought...y not start my own blog...so here i am...new blog...haven't had time to design the layout yet...had a hair cut too yesterday. its time to get my messy hair a trim n change. yesterday after work, i went to Wangsa Maju to check out the saloon or some more call it hair salons. there's actually heaps of options in that area. was checking them out and one of my frens recommend this shop called Spins. i reckon the price is a bit off my budget cos i was looking for something 'cheap n chic'. so we walked further down the street and saw this shop called Miko...

at that time, i'm still a bit hesitate whether i shud go in n try....so check the price on the window...and it says RM20 for dry cut...ok 'on'. (actually my colleague tried their service b4 and she reckon its good...might as well....no harm trying rite?) went in, the lady at the counter greet me and ask if i wanna have a dry cut or wash and cut. of cos i told her dry cut straight away. and i was shown to the seat desinated for me...sat down...and ask if i wanted which hair stylish. i told her anyone of them will do. so this dude...armed with tattoos covering on his left arm came over, with specs and kinda funky hairstyle was assigned to 'do' my hair. i reckon he is a junior cos the way he handle the scissor is not there yet. after 45 mins of patient hair cut by this patient apprentice, this is the end result (well, actually took it this mornin) ok...i look nerdy here...fine. hehe but u know what, later that evening, i found out there r more salons that offer cheaper price. lol call me cheapstake hehe :P

dah dum~ the nerd

was reading kinkybluefairy's blog and i must say i do agree with her on her thoughts about vday. well, me for one doesn't seem to understand y would ppl pay so much for a date on today, yes valentine's day. its too commercialised for gawd sake. everwhere u go, prices r either double or more. why must one devote themselves to their love's one on this very day when one can shout out their love on any given day. maybe not everyone agree on this. some might say cos its Valentine's Day...and its only right to shower their love ones with gifts, dinner and other romantic (overly expensive) dinner. take my frens for instant. they celebrate this day extra early so they dont have to squeeze with the lovely dovey crowds. just my thoughts for this very day. ahha...and yea, i'm suffering from SAD (single awareness day) symdrome...hahah....alritey...time to get off work and head home now, as it was raining and i din bring my umbrella this morning...happy vday ppl!


Blogger Chienne said...


the ah ter hairstyle!!!

you want your webcam pic?

10:51 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

rene: i know i look gud~ hahah...shiok sendiri. those pix u can keep urself...i dun want.

11:06 PM  
Blogger Chienne said...

calv: i'll post on my blog thn heh

11:10 PM  
Blogger The J's said...

Hey~ Good on u to hav ur own blog! Keep it up! hehe! Wow~ I hv a new hairstyle too! Hehe! =P

11:38 AM  

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