thou should not dismiss thy bed

have been slaving at work for the past few days. haven't really slept much. when u think u can punch the card and go home, the other end is calling for u to stay, overtime baby, overtime! ot nvm but no pay one...jiat lat! sigh work like dog also like that. lucky ppl gets to go home and be with their wife or gf while i'm working my ass in the stuffy office for what? no money and no fame also...sad case man...
oh well, this is advertising for u. low pay, no life, no ot money, low profile. lolz i guess some ppl like me just do it for the love of ads. fuhs {cough, ya rite...}
the lack of sleep had me having bit of gastric and migraine. this is bad. i think i've been neglecting my good ol' stomach, body, mind and soul.
weekend is near so wish me luck and pls pls pls no more ot...i'm dying...of lack of rest and sleep.

xx peace out yo xx


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