say harlo to my new toy

being around with a cacat phone that can't view for sh*ts is troublesome enough. so i finally got myself a new phone. i am that desperate! i'm not sure about the market price but i was scouting around yesterday and i think i got myself a good deal. plus my nokia 5300 have a 256mb memory card added to it. anyhoo...ppl, do pm me your numbers on msn pls! my contacts are all stucked in my old phone memory : (
sometimes, u just want to forget someone so badly u tried to avoid them in all possible ways but somehow, fate leads u back to square one. i bumped into her yesterday. she waved at me. i felt like i've been hit by a tornado. can't think straight for hours afterwards...its that BAD. gawd i miss her so much but we just can't be together.

but its sunny outside so go out and play! = ) happy sunday yo! i'm going for a swim later!


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Blogger sLeNz @ Shirley said...

ahhhhhhh... my 5300 ... 4 months old .... 1 mth go hospital 1 time ... now 4th time ady... still inside.... sigh ....

regret getting 5300

gud luck baby

11:38 AM  

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