just finish watching a note of love. hmm, a friend whom went to watch with me thinks it doesn't deserve to be screened. me on the other hand thinks it is still alright. the only part that i didn't really like was editing. some scenes just started and ended like it doesn't flow through smoothly. but then again, there's always room for improvement right? : )
work has been slow this week. feeling sleepy at worst and it ain't helping. nothing significant is happening in my life right now. tho i just turned an year older recently.
i hate the fact i still miss u after so damn long. i really do. it's mentally torturing! all these girls with bob cuts are killing me! sometimes i really wish u would just disappear from my memory but somehow u always pop out of the blue right in front of me and make me lost for words.
p/s: u know by intuition that certain things in life doesn't always work out but yet try so hard to make it happen. that's tough shit, life is. mine.


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