over the weekend

friday night:

its suppose to be kenny's kai mui farewell party but was asked to tag along...so i did. went to this place in Mount Kiara called Clear. its suppose to be a chill out place...anyways...we went...i got bored...my other fren Sun who tagged along was bored n we started taking photos despite talking to the gals sitting next to me went a bit uninteresting...lets just say i wasn't in the mood to pick up any gals....and yes...almost of the ppl there don't even know one another....sort of like a stranger party get together....

see i was so kuai.. i 'didn't' drink any alcohol that night. and so it seems....

after 1 hour and 45 mins of boredom...yea i counted, we headed down to kl to Poppy Garden cos my frens were drinking and asked me to join 'em. when we reached there its already 1.30am so u can imagine how packed it is inside. the pic below was taken b4 i was ahem *cough* forced by steven and joy into drinking....

see the red lobster face...that's what alcohol can do to me. ohh yeah, i bumped into eeling....my ice cream buddy, was surprise to see her there too that night. i dunno why she intro me as her ice cream buddy to all her frens. I feel shy at the same time and it sure sounds kinky doncha think so? lol :P bumped into quite a few other frens there too...

one last pic for the night b4 heading home peeps! smile!~

saturday afternoon:

went to meet up with vivian at Mid Valley cos i promised her i would bring her some CNY goodies (food la...what else...ang pao meh?hehe) had lunch at this restaurant...ok...i'm really bad with names and i didn't take snap the restaurant's logo....hhaa. nothing much to rant about there....just eat, chat and walk around...oh yea...and went to get my grocery for the week ahead.

saturday night:

this wasn't planned and was a last min change of plan. headed to Saxophone cos couldn't get a table at Cynna. yeah...the Bass Agents were playing there and there's one more coming month on the 25th. a follow up of Hardsequence. ahha...i was walking around saw some ppl shuffling at the back....and those faces look so frigging familiar. thrilled to see the melbourne peeps again!

jayz giving a peace sign!

kv's turn...haha

jayz my shuffle guru

the only 'clear' shot of ganjaguru

what can i say bout sat nite...shuffle til kaki patah....hahaha. rite


Blogger The J's said...

Wow! Happening life dude!! So many programmes going on~ hahaha!! Enjoy....


10:10 AM  
Anonymous smashpOp said...

lol... Clear?

bored until have to start taking photos? :P


4:34 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

j: u too mar! have a nice weekend~

smashpop: yeah...'clear' hahaha

11:25 PM  
Blogger Aliciaks said...

so nice!

2:08 PM  
Blogger The J's said...

Haha.. Me? So so lor.. Eh.. That smashpop is my fren lai de.. Haha! We went to sing K yesterday... And watched Big Momma! Wow! Great movie.. should go and watch!


12:56 PM  

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