just got back from shooting the talents for one of booklet/leaflet i'm working on. there's 3 kids age ranging from 5, 7 & 12. one of them is a chinese girl and almost everyone there agreed that she is really pretty for a pure chinese. she's only 7 year old and has the look of an eurasian. aww...i forgot to bring along my camera. otherwise, i can upload n show u guys.
the point of this entry is...i am not too sure where i'm going about. i'm just amazed how a 7 year old kid can have so much energy, bubbly and so so charming. i'm pretty sure she must have made big bucks since she graces the face of tvc, prints etc...from a tender young age. i wish i have a multi-talent daughter just like her. lolz according to her mum, the elder sis looks like a jap *dang* hahhaaha :P

a big *hoorah* to her for being easy to work with compared to the younger talent. the younger talent was throwing some tantrum at us at the shoot. and one of make up artist has to convince her and *pujuk* her till she felt like smiling in front of the camera. i tell u...kids talent are not easy to work with. *dilemma*

anyways, being there art directing is fun...it looks as if there's not much of work but its tiring too at the same time. the end result is rewarding i must say.

while u are here, check out 300!


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