Guess what? While driving around in SS2 looking for a parking space to yum char at Murni, these group of youngsters in yellow shirts stood by the roadside waved at my friend and I in the car as if we were some celebrities and shouted Fu-yooooh!~ being the naughty me, i waved back at 'em macam celeb lolz WTF buahahaha...
this must be the gimmick of Digi...dayaaam....for a moment, i felt like the king of the world! lolz =P


Anonymous maine said...

Hehe.. naughty naughty.. anyway, are you the calvin on my friendster? Cuz if u are I'll click the accept button in a heartbeat!

5:56 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

yes! thats me! = )

8:30 PM  

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