its not the end of the world

fast forwarded, i've been snapped back to reality today. what i fear most happened. it was a cruel way of telling me hey, get back to reality! let go of the past, grab hold of yourself. sadly, no matter how, i still hate that feeling of seeing and feeling the situation. its like being sucked into deep space.

thank goodness i wasn't left alone to face the situation. sometimes i do think close friend keep us safe at bay. *heart heart* :P teman my friend shop for her wedding gown...walked till kaki wanna break...lolz damn sleepy also la...emo emo everyday also sien. lol no thanks to the day before cos client was rushing to send the stuff to the printer. lack of sleep & rest. one more day to go and no more holiday! -_____- felt like i didn't even get my hols at all dot dot dot

ok la...was suppose to wish everyday a happy Holiday yesterday but my internet connection died on me... hehe so Happy Holidaying peeps!


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