my new found love. nao watanabe. this song is called "live with me"

the office has this unofficial policy if anyone worked till 6am the next day, he/she can be dismissed from work. i came home about 7 this morning from work yesterday. yea, so initially, i wanted to get my ass up from my bed and hurry to office but i slept till way passed noon. so yea, i didn't make it to work today. there u go. a life of a designer. what do i get out of this? sleep deprived la what else. u think got overtime pay? nahhh! lol i also want la...ish ish. life...what a waste.
been pondering when should i tender my resignation. since i've been more than unmotivated at work. most of the people at work left and some going to leave soon had have better offers i guess. hmmm...dilemma. work vs life. life vs responsibilities. responsibilities that ties us to a job. no job, no pay. no pay, whose gonna pay my bills? *sigh* its an inevitable life cycle i tell u.

i want my healthy lifestyle back!


Blogger Hajime said...

Wow, I like her, especially her voice. Dam powerful and strong, nice songs too. Nao watanabe... likes.

11:40 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

hajime > yeah, i like her songs! : ) too bad i can't find any of her songs for dl.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Ling said...

love her song! wish i can play like her =P if got the song..give me give me!

7:47 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

ling > haha! full of emotion rite. yeah, i'm searching. will do will do = )

1:03 AM  

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