random thoughts

heaps of uncertainties cloud my head lately:

i: I used to think studying was a waste of time and no fun. now that i'm working. i think otherwise. so what i heard from those young workin adult years ago were actually no hoax.

ii: I'm having quarter life crisis.

iii: I'm not happy with my job.

iv: I wish I have more money. or earn more.

v: I want a big warm hug.

vi: procrastinating way too much.

vii: does love really exist?

viii: bored of routines.

viiii: bored of doing nothing (productive)

x: i hate my life now...


Blogger The J's said...

Hey dude.. Life needs changes all the time.. So that we can get more challenges and spice up our life.. When u are not happy with your job, just try ur best to get a better one but of course do not change job frequently as what I did cos I ald being called as JOB-HOPPER and taht's not a good term... Hahahaha! So, wish you all the best and don worry.. You definitely gonna get a better life from now on.. Pray hard... ~Amen..~


9:17 AM  
Anonymous smashpOp said...

i wanna earn more too.. i need mroe money

and does love really exist? i wanna know too,..

10:36 AM  
Blogger Ling said...

ah kor... we only have one life.. it wud be consider lucky if we made it to our 80s these days.. hence live it wisely.. do whatever that makes us happy... don't let fear and doubts take over of us..

love is not everything... tho sometimes loneliness rulez the best of us.. but then again, we haf friends and family.. and i believe, love will hit you when u least expected it to.. so dont worry... u're a great guy..there's a great gal somewhere out there for ya...

lingling give u a big big warm virtual hug all da way from NZ =)

2:32 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

j: thanks and congrats on ur new job man!

smashpop: trying to see the beta side of life besides having love

ling: u just made my day! yeah, i know what u mean but sometimes the down just hit when u least expected it. no worries k. i think the hot weather in kl is hitting me hard...haha *hugs*

5:33 PM  
Blogger The J's said...

U r welcome and thank you~ KL life is really a life that sometimes we couldn't imagine how hard it could be.. Especially u r not staying with ur family.. And that's why until now, I stil do not wanna move out.. Still stick with my family @ RAWANG.. =P

I do believe love still exist.. Love between friends... between family.. even between colleagues we do hv love.. Just tat love of two ppl.. Hard to find the TRUE one.. hahaha! (Fei HUa!) Anyway, hope all of us could find our TRUE LOVE asap!!!! lol

9:09 AM  

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