yum char@ktz

ktz is one of the few nice place for light snacks in kl. yesterday sun and i went to sungei wang to get our david tao's concert tickets. and later on moved on to ktz to yum char with his kai jie, wianna. in case u didn't know, david is a talented taiwanese singer/song writer. not sure if he still resides in the states but he sure speaks very good english {with american accent} and rank top among chinese r & b singer in my list. i don't really fancy his outlook but rather on his music. review of the concert will come one month from now. hang tight!

the RM72 seats sold out and we have to settle with RM122 ones. crap. what luck.

'pey tan chuk' = porridge with century egg.

chinese pancake

double boiled wintermelon tea (served cold)

sun and wiana in a conversation.


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