i reckon last saturday was one of the hi and low days. was emotionally low and hi cause being able to see friends whom i haven't met in ages. so how was everyone elses' april fool? did anyone get 'surprised'? i got fooled by a fren. ok guys, here r some uncanny tricks u might wanna avoid. telling your friends you got involved in an accident is a no no. and those who went over to other's to knock on doors and pretended like they have something important to say but ended up on the coach watching tv and left 15 minutes later is another no no {especially when that person is really tired from the day before}. sometimes these kinda stuffs are just plain annoying. 'doncha' think so? ok enough of nagging. here r the pix from last saturday night out. bad headaches, tired body, sleepy eyes, aching body parts...the symptons of ageing...*sigh

this is the 1st time i see the LRT being so clean. ever!

slow shutter speed on zebra crossing.

the twin towering building. klcc heheh

joy and me {outside of poppy's garden, bumped into joy on the way to saxophone}

ok...i don't really remember her name...i think its amy...

at the bar counter {interior of Saxophone}

vian, frennie and i {we go way back}

the crowds vs the djs

carrie and me

ah hou doing the cap thing while shuffling!

lesson #2: don't sneeze and shuffle hehe

the dynamic duo....hhaha

joe, amie, calv {i'm so sorry for blocking ur face homey}

joe, amyp, calv, kenji and kelvin.

aren't they adorable?

do the shuffle~

the interior of Saxophone

there's something about blurry photos i like.

do the pose~

old skol~ i remember having one of those sneakers during secondary school.

while walking towards Thai Club...

this must be the highlights of the nite. my friend xxx was so drunk he started pissing at the car park. and he even talked to the gals in some car while driving on the road....ahahha...Respect for this dude! hahaha {this is what too much alcohol can do to u, so be warned!!}

we had late supper at sungai besi. i'm telling u this is the best wantan mee i ever tasted by far! u guys shud check this place out! {sorry bout the low res quality pic cos i was zooming from a distance...pai seh wanna walk up and take photo directly}

'leong sui siet'

char siew wantan mee

close up shot...

*thats all folks...


Blogger Ling said...

wai seh..i lurve the pics.. the one with the klcc tower and oso the zebra crossing.. nice shots kor.. ^^

6:18 AM  
Anonymous louyau said...

Wei Wei Wei ... cool pics! Hoi ... your template appears absolutely wrong here in my browser wor ... :p Sort it!

9:26 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

ling: 10q. terima kasih. kam sia.

mikel: lazy to edit la bro. hehe

2:49 PM  

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