eat ur heart out

got a call at work from big sister {kai jie cindy} yesterday inviting me for sushi dinner. it seems that they have Sushi King's special voucher and whatever we eat will b less 50%! being the very *si chiat {in teochiew which direct translation is 'greedy eater' in english} type, how can i reject the offer though in my head...i'll b spending some bucks there...*wu wu... but i just can't say no to sashimi....oh gawd...pls help this soul!

*some of the items i can't recall the names...so i'll just 'cincai' name 'em k~
deep fried crab meat
udon with terriyaki chicken
fried squids
this is better
california rolls
hot green tea
their version of chicken satay
the ying and yang of sashimi~
sashimi close up!
sin sin yaks too much~ hehe
while waiting for sushi king's card renewing
yes...we were one of the few ppl left at sushi king.


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