umbrella anyone?

it was pouring again yesterday nite. hafta accompany Sun to pick up a parcel from Pos Laju at KL Central. i hate rainny days..it makes me blue...like really blue. thus my mind went playing in the rain again. must b the sappy background music in the car and it brings back past sweet memories. i suddenly wish she was here with me. like yesterday. but then again. damn the rains and the slow songs that they r playing on the radio...i felt bad cos i wasn't really listening to what Sun was saying in the car cos my mind distant away.

hang kai kai:
after picking up the parcel *which appears to b Sun's newly applied mastercard that he did not apply for. he initially applied for visa card. not too sure why he din get wad he asked for. anyways, lppl. both of us was a bit hungry so we headed to Petaling Street. strolling down the aisle of imitation goods along Petaling Street {better known as 'chi cheong kai' to the local chinese} sure flash back the good old days. the air mata kucing is not to be missed!
i actually pity the foreigners cos some of them whom r not sure bout the bargaining part {where discounts r endless...} but bet some of them dont know this fact.

Sun has his eyes on one of 'em sneaker and he asked the 'tauke' for the lowest price. guess what the boss answered back? "different shoes, different material means different prices...how much u want? u give a price...." little does Sun knows...he asked him for the lowest price he can give and the boss said around 60-70 sth.... hmm...60-70 sth for an imitation nike or adidas? i thought is was ripped off. we walked off as if the boss cares...cos he knows we were jus assing around and aint buying...

walked to the other end of the street where usually ppl will stop by for late nite supper usually after clubbing...the nite was cold n wet. my white thong {as in flip flop...what were u thinking} was already grey + black by the time we reached the shop for food.

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Blogger The J's said...

A great nite dude.. I know how u feel about the rainy day... Erm.. Last time I like raining very much.. But now, i hv the same feeling as yours... Blue.. just blue... And lotsa things play arnd my head... YEsterday was like tat.. Anyway, I believe u hv a great nite with ur fren having supper @ Chi CHeong Kai.. Enjoy the days dude...


10:01 AM  
Blogger Louyau-mike said...

time to update ! Ding Ding !

8:08 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

j: we'll have better days to look forward to

mikel: -_-!!!

2:52 AM  

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