meeting up with old flatmate

i know its my fault...cos always say yum char....but never really take the initiative to plan. haha...ok...finally met up and catch up a bit here n there (or at least i think).

here r the pix...

nice street art on the wall at One U...can't remember which floor though...

feeding the koi...it was some 'feed-the-fish' campaign goin on there...

and more koi...

while waiting for the royal highness kristin chong!

every picture tells a story.

can u see the similarity in this pic? hehe

kristin is my lovely flatmate when i was doing my 1 year degree in perth. the last time i meet up with her was so many months ago...she seems so happy chatting away in this pic ; )

paparazzi at work

poser #1

poser #2

bryant, laughing to himself...ehhe

fried ostrich hor fun

dunno 'hamik lai eh'

fried seafood noodles with cheese (definitely a must-eat at Chatterbox if u r super hungry cos it comes in a large portion. the pic doesn't do any justice. plus the cheesy soup base is yummy!)

with d michelin dude!

more pix here!

yin yang?

this is pretty much like the one i posted some time ago. stir fried beef with deep fried patotoes with beijing cabbage for dinner.

u know what...i think my ulcer have gotten worst after this meal. currently fighting my ulcer pain...i planted some salt under my tongue (thats where d pain comes from) and in less than 1 second...the unbearable pain strikes... like hell...can feel tears coming out of my eyes and all the pain can only b let out stomping my legs on the blardy kitchen floor... yeah, so much for salt. I know, 'watermelon powder' rite? but i dont have that with me now... later on only to find out that i can just use another method to ease the pain...by guggling salt + water...but what do i care...i want fast result and so i chose the much painful way. blah!~


Blogger Ling said...

OMG!!! MORE FOOD!!!!!!!!
i miss msian food...sobbies ~><~
eeeeee someone kek cute in poser #1. hahaha...but ur fren really cute wor... i mean the girl XP

5:57 AM  
Anonymous smashpOp said...

woi.. why never invite me :(

1:13 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

ling: cute ler~ hehe very nice flatmate! she cooks nice tong sui, soup n food!~

smashpop: (^_^!!!)

1:58 AM  

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