5.3.06 - homecook dinner + harry potter 4

it was pouring so heavy on sunday evening...was suppose to have dinner around 6-ish but kepo me wanna play basketball and told ah jie she can only come after 6.45pm. half way playing bball...it was pouring...so headed home. just in time for to cook. (green salad and the marinated beef was prepared earlier on) so no hassle. was waiting for the 'VIP' to come and i couldnt tahan anymore cos damn hungry waiting....sms my kai jie...ask her to hurry over but she sms-ed back say the rain is heavy, parents don't let her drive out. wah lau...so have to wait til almost 8pm. she was on her way here and i estimated she shud b able to makan by the time she arrived as i was cooking to make ends meet (cos we have a movie to catch at 8.45pm).

its been a while since i last cook beef steak. i forgotten how *watery it gets when marinated. (lack of estimation...) the steak wasn't the way i want it. i want it medium cooked. damn...i shud *drain the meat b4 i cook it in the frying pan next time. haha...totally forgotten about the steps. (the last time i cook any steak was 2 years ago...while i was studying in perth)

ah jie a.k.a. yang cheng lin having a go at my 'failed' product.

after dinner, we hurried to mid valley to catch 'harry potter and the goblet of fire' (cos i have in hand some complimentary passes to oscar movie screening given by my company). so fcuking chun we reached there just in time for the movie. didn't miss a bit. but the annouying thing is the lights didn't go off and there were no sounds for few mins when the movie began. *don't u hate it when that happens? personally, i didn't really like this HP part 4 cos the actors and actresses grew so much...kinda like taken away the childhood in them. the only bit i like in this movie is the chinese chika who plays HP's love interest is damn cute! (never know HP will fall for a chinese gurl...so weird there...) and i don't like sad endings...there u go!


Blogger Ling said...

OMG! SALAD?? lolx...gud on ya.. eat more vege & fruits ^^

never wuz a big fan of HP... solie

4:43 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

ling: i like my vege + fruits! tee hee :D

10:31 AM  
Anonymous smashpOp said...

n i thought i was reading yoour 2005 post since i see harry potter's face here.. lol

wah got oscar movie tickets

11:28 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

smashpop: soli la...i slow mar :P

11:46 AM  

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