whats with da smelly water?

may be some of u might not notice but the tap water smells of shXX....especially the ones in the office since yesterday. actually if not mistaken, i think the one at home already stinks on sunday prolly due to the heavy rain overnight. today in the papers, i read the smell is caused by high level of ammonia in the water source. heavy rain from Sat nite sure flooded a lot of places in the klang valley. the water supply from Sungai Selangor which is the main water source has been overflowed by dirty water from ponds into the river which causes the increase of ammonia. according to the Health Ministry, the water is safe for consumers to be used. hmm...with that kinda freaky smell....u think its safe to be consumed? i have doubts....if the smell still continues...i think i gotta get huge bottles of mineral water to bath...no shiettttt....

on my way to the office...i saw DBKL trucks and lorries parked outside the office...they've been there since yesterday. news had it they r tearing down the next door's building and the ones nearby to build something...blah...not sure...

hope my office is not demolished...otherwise i will b jobless....no joke.


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