sorry but u can't cincai cut queues man!

while waiting for the train (LRT) to arrive this morning. there was this uncle who cut the long queue as if it was made of fresh cream. well, is it because one is less capable or half cacat (handicapped) cos he was walking dragging one feet with a tongkat (walking can). seems like nobody dare to sound him. harlo....i know its unethical to scold an elderly person but jus because u carry a tongkat and drag urself thru the crowds does not mean u can just cut the long queues...i just have to say...this is not the worst scenario but this is malaysian for u. i'm not trying to make malaysia's image bad but ppl has gotta change...for the better. danggggg!

here's what i've been doin for the past few days...

fri nite was spent chilling out with ah lai, joey, jessie and charmaine and also some other new frens. there was a performance goin on at sunway pyramid's Halo Cafe by this malaysian made famous taiwanese singer called ling yu sen. well...i'm not very familiar with chinese singers... call me 'persimmon' cos i'm not good at english and certainly not good at mandarin though i studied mandarin till form 3. haha....talk about being 'banana'(chinese who doesn't speak chinese and only converse in english).... as blur as sotong (squid) i didn't know what was the occasion about cos everytime joey always asked me to join 'em for karaoke session(i hate to sing k) and yum char and i seem to reject them but being a good sport, for once i think i should just join them for fun. ah lai and i went to book a place at Halo Cafe before joey and charmaine joined us. when we got there, the list was already more than 20 names waiting in queue. i was already feeling shitty and hungry plus i think i was having gastric pain again. ah lai suggested to go for dinner at Kim Gary.

low angle

beef rice with twin sauce

saturday was spent basically doing nothing. haha... woke up around 11-ish and cooked myself brunch...and this is how it looks like...got the photo displayed on my msn and someone commented it look like flowers...lol (its actually beef + potato + red cabbage + garlic + red onions + tomato fried altogether...its not much but it taste fine)

after brunch, i decided to bum around in my room and watch Full House (korean drama series). though i hate watching sappy korean dramas...this one is different. its funny, addictive (though i ain't a big fan of korean dramas but damn i gotta give credits to this one here) chun chiq Song Hye Gyo plays the bubbly clueless lead actress and Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) plays the lead actor in Full House.

she's so cute and *pinchable* tee hee

Saturday nite, kenny and i crash Saxophone again for the continuiation of Hardsequence. hard dance have never been better. i was there mainly to see this guy mix.

ganjaguru spinning!

calv + kenny, no he's not stoned...thats how he looks like on cam most of the time!

kenny's car was basically stucked behind heaps of cars thanks to the car jockey! only managed to get out of the mess after 20 + + mins....

around 1-ish, we cabut and went to the Loft behind Sheridan hotel.

why do i have the feeling the chiq in the centre of the photo is looking towards the cam...

the amount of males on the dance floor definitely outnumbered the females...

the minute we left the club, it was pouring...and before long it was rainning cats and dogs and we headed for old klang rd for yum char session at Manja, a mamak restaurant. the guys were talking bout cars, gals...some was feeling nauseous cos too much drinks n one slept soundly on the chair....and suddenly the frigging loud thunder got everyone awake!....frigging stupid thunder....grrr....it was still pouring when we decided to cabut so some of us can get quality sleep. i got home around 5-ish...showered, and continue watching Full House till i can't get my eyes to open anymore...so that was saturday for u.

well...sunday was pretty much spent on Full House marathon too. haha went to this mamak in klang during the late evening. the weird thing bout this mamak is....there is no signage....yes...no sign board man....how can? pei yee was telling me they r famous cos they aint got a sign board...lol...crazzzieee o_@

kenny and celeste engaging in an interesting conversation

lulu and pei yee...not sure what they were doing there...

I did not take this pic...not sure what celeste was doin with her hand waving in the air...

that was the weekend...so now i'm longing for the next rave...tiesto, u better not disappoint me! ;P hehe


Blogger The J's said...

Eh.. I think that singer's name is lin yu zhong lo.. Not yu sen.. hahaha!! if I am not mistaken la.. =P Wei.. Learn chinese till F3 should be very geng lor~ I never learn lor~~ =P

5:50 PM  
Anonymous smashpOp said...

eh why ur life so happening wan.. club here club there... chehwah

5:56 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

j: thanks for correcting me...ahahha...i told u i tak kenal chinese singers wei...ehhehe

smashpop: just enjoying the ride man! urs also la! sing k, makan2, jln2 taking photos...

+ the thing is whenever i'm out with other groups of frens, some get really paranoid when camera aiming at them so u see...sometimes no nice photos.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous smashpOp said...

totally agree

they wil ldo anything to stop u from snapping their foto

1:01 AM  

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