4.3.06 - berjalan-jalan di one utama

it was freaking hot saturday and i was woken up by a phone call around noon. yes, i wanna sleep in cos its freaking saturday and the nite b4 i slept pretty late cos was up chatting with someone significant. due to the hotness of that day...i bugged the person who woke me up for no reasons to off we went to one utama to kai kai. Conon-nya cos free air-cond. anyways, there was heaps of exhibition goin on. the F1 Honda and Ferrari were on display on different sections of the mall. also spotted some local tuned modified cars in the old wings. bridal show/cat walks was goin on too at the same time...but those pix i took were blardy blur so not gonna post 'em up.

after walking aimlessly for an hour or two...finally decide to go find sth to eat. passed by this shop on the top floor at the old wing, near to TGV. by the name of Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks. so y not give it a try! the food potion is not very big. that's y its called *small eat (direct translation from mandarin). its just nice for afternoon tea break that sorta thing.

handmade oyster mee sua

crispy floss egg crepe

self-claimed taiwanese singer Yang Cheng Lin

i can explain y both of us r wearing pink, its just co-incidence. very

while eating, i can't help noticing that the shop plays a variety of taiwan pop songs...i guess its to give a taiwan 'feel' to the shop. its only logical they do it that way, no.


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