blood . sex . vampires . lycans

ha ha....misleading title innit? finally watched Underworld: Evolution last nite. loads of bloody scenes, 1 sec of nudity (i wonder y the msian film censorship board din do anything bout that) cos sometimes even kissing scene they censor...lol ok, lets not go there. free ticket from co. as usual, this time it was at sunway pyramid tgv. by the time we (byrant + i) got there, only the 1st few rows r available with 1 or 2 seats here and there...crap. somehow i was able to get 1 for me on the 3rd row and 1 for bryant on the 2nd row. saw some ppl standing at the back watching movie(cos no more seats la)...thts really hardcore! i guess the movie redemption is too good this time. small cinema hall if u ask me, how to pack so many ppl in one small room. lets get on with the movie. Kate Beckinsale is damn hot in this movie! what is it with leathers? y action heroes + heroins always (being stereotyped there) in tight leathers....whats it that??...i really dont get. anyways, its not very logical movie cos like my fren bryant said, y the lycans (werewolves) some r easily killed some shoot so many times still alive and kicking...nonsense la...u know why? cos its call a movie! lets jus say the only part i enjoyed most was the fighting between marcus (the 1st vampire) and selene (Kate Beckinsale). ok i lied...i enjoyed the love making scene more...(though it was literally censored...) blah...it is certainly a cool + canggih action/horror movie to watch if u dont mind stupid unlogical scenes.


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