spicy food is a no no

2 days ago, went to watch The Pink Pather {its a stupid but funny movie, do have a go! plus there is no Pink Panther in the movie though its named that way}. after the movie, my fren Sun and i were pretty hungry and we tried this place at Wangsa Maju called Chui Sui Station. was really hungry so we ordered food. Sun ordered 'some' porridge {cos i wasn't paying attention} and i ordered this spaghetti with fish filet in it topped with cheese.

but the thing is...the f**king spaghetti was so *toot* blardy spicy {i for one cant take spicy food, literally} this is d 1st time i encountered a freaking spaghetti with spicy tomato, no chilly sauce...have u taste any spaghetti with chilly sauce???

have they gone mad? *I'VE BEEN WARNED!!


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