a day to remember

26 of march, 2006. which was yesterday {sunday} is definitely a day to put down in my life's record. for the 1st time in life. this is by far the biggest decision making and i think its worth it. thank u so much mum. my biggest idol in life. u make so much impact in the way i see life and thank u so much for understanding me. i never thought i will get a roof of my own so soon. last 2 days was suppose for me to accompany u but instead u accompany me to make some changes in life. i guess no more happening life from now on. all the hard earned money has to go into consideration and my crib.

i never had the courage to say 'thank u mum' or 'i love u so much' but deep down, i wish i can put these words into actions. i think i shud but in my family, things r not like that. we shower each others with thoughts and gifts. we dont exactly show it out directly. i guess im not the only person who faces this type of family orientation.

mum almost missed her flight yesterday but a good samaritan help my mum check-in just in time and she could even hear the last call for boarding on the speakers. i try to call her few times {but her mobile phone was off} and i predicted that she would miss her flight cos of the timing from PJ to KLIA is rather a distance. double checked with sis to make sure mum gets home. hours later, mum called and she told me bout the flight delayed n the good samaritan at the airport counter. what a relief.

anyways. yesterday nite cuzzie sharon bugs me again for internet n we went dinner at Uptown. initially we agreed on 'Bak Kut Teh' at SS17 but being me {the very much undecided person that i am} i told her lets try something else cos its not Klang's bak kut teh...and i suppose it won't taste as good... and we ended up at Uptown eating 'Chee Cheong Fan'{according to sharon, its really good}. alrite...alrite...it tastes really good haha~ here r some pixies for u to drool~

the boss serving the customers
varieties of yong tau fu
the valley of chee cheong fan
crazy crowds keep pouring in
cuzzie trying to hide her face from the cam
sharon tying her hands on me cam
cuzzie sharon being camera shy


Blogger Ling said...

woo hoo~* good on ya kor.. taking the first step to everything is always a gud thing..

i myself never actually say the 3 words directly to the my parents face.. i guess it's just how chinese is brought up gua.. hehe but every chances i have, i would remind them that i really love them and appreciate everything that they have done for me. i wud put it down in words in a birthday card, in emails, etc etc. u get what i mean. =)

7:15 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

ling: yea, its just our way of saying the 3 big words : )

5:23 PM  

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