i realized i've been smilling sheepishly to myself a lot lately {lucky colleagues caught glimpse of me in the act but they don't know what make me smile out wide}.
i realized sometimes little meaningful things {which might not be significant to others} really make me touched.
i realized that it takes a bit of effort and time to make things work.

this is the kind of feeling i long for and wish for.
i hope it seize to stop {as if time was made to remind us if there is such a thing as time}.

all my life i've been very pessimist and wary just about anything {too much time for me to worry over nothing}.
is it worth the time and effort?
sometimes i do think love is like an investment. {like shares, its so unpredictable}
there is the up n down of the market.
i can't foresee the future but i pray i will meet u soon enough {maybe i won't}.
doesn't matter bcos at the end of the day. i gain knowledge to which properties i should invest and which i shouldn't.

so its all good.

the best part is knowing someone out there is willing to sail through the rough and calm sea together with u no matter what {is comforting and heart warming}.

i hope this only the beginning as i have yet to discover a new land and ocean {that awaits me}.


Blogger こうゆうけん said...

Sometimes I feel touch when friends do even a little things for me. Anyway, do you believe fate? Well, I am not sure. I only knew that many things need to take initiative. :)

1:33 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

koyuuken: yes i believe in fate, will power and a push of luck! nothing comes for free so definitely efforts needed!

1:49 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

Yeah.. U noe what, exactly same with what I think.. And I am that kind of ppl too.. A little thing from frens.. I will be damn happy.. Just like today.. Eventho it's April Fool.. But I met with one good fren.. He gave a gift~ It is really damn nice of him.. Hehe!! =P Anyway, calv.. Hope that ur new sea or ocean or watever it is **Hahahaha** could hv me inside as part of it.. Chill dude! Bhappy....


8:56 PM  

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