how do u heal an aching heart?

my heart is crying out not knowing when will i see u.
i hope u'r feeling better by now. im sure everything happened for a reason.
i think god is punishing me for my sins.
the thoughts of uncertainty clouds the head again.

just some random thoughts in my head now.
i think im quitting next month. one month notice. hmm.
probably be flying back to kuching for a week {rainforest music festival and to chill at home and seeing some homeboys and gals}.
need to rethink and get a grip of myself.
need to refocus.
then be very very hardworking finding new job!
shit. mum is so gonna kill me if she finds out that i'm gonna be jobless soon.

anyone out there wanna employ me as a designer cum art director cum copywriter?
let me know yea. full time and freelance accepted :P

thought of the day: empty fornication is not for real. love is. embrace it.


Blogger The J's said...

You really decided to quit ar? Erm.. So sudden geh? Yesterday u still ok de ar? What happened that trigger u to make this decision? Anyway, wish u can find a better job asap~ With better salary of course! =D


2:00 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

j: thx bro

12:49 AM  

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