manhattan fish market@klcc

the photos from tuesday lunch treat by eleanor whom will be leaving the company by end of the month. thank u for the treat. it was good! the fish was good! :)
i only tried the chips and my own dish which is the "catch of the day". so no ratings for the rest of the food and not sure about the names of the other orders. sry

colleague valerie sneaking away.

the menu

colleague adeline + zali

colleague aris + eleanor {she is so gonna kill me if she sees this!} hehe

wall decor

deep fried calamari - ordered by eleanor

catch of the day with garlic butter rice {4.5/5 stars for the fish and sauce}

seafood salad? - ordered by eleanor

catch of the day with fries - ordered by valerie + adeline {the fries is really good!!}

not sure...lol - ordered by zali

the outlet available if u wanna have a go!

p/s: {att to "u know who u r"} i'm sry i always make u fat looking at these pix!


Blogger Pianonee said...

wah too bad.. I'm hungry la wei..~~
haha.. i am first time here, nice to meet you. :)

10:00 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

shopper: nice to meet u too :)

1:58 PM  
Blogger robin said...

nothing beats fish and chips in perth !!! ahaha ok ok thats my biased opinion

1:29 AM  

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