love is like an apple. i call it the forbidden fruit.

one need to wait for it to grow. the endless amount of efforts and energy put into it.
like watering, enough fertilizer to make it stays healthy.
whilst waiting. one awaits it to fully grown.
then comes the right time and place to pluck the forbidden fruit.
if u ask me, it shouldn't be plucked at all. it should be carefully nurtured and wait for it to drop. and one should be there to catch when it falls.
it feels weird comparing love with apple. tell me who does not compare? sure when u'r at the market, u choose the good apples over the rotten ones. u choose the apple that has no bad skins. the bigger and juicier ones {for the same price}. everything seems to come into details. may be some ppl doesn't mind all that {but i do}.

what is love? surely its not just an apple. its more than an apple.
what am i talking about? who i am to talk about love. for i don't know shits about love. the fact that i'm lost in my own love.

quote of the day:
make love. not war!
sidetrack: happy wesak day! {i'll be working for u holiday-ing ppl!! so not fair!}


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