'labour' day...

i'm stuck in the office while others are having their hols at home, resting, some out at pulau perhentian, others are having fun at sunway lagoon...anyhow, i still need to come to work despite the night before partying hard at zouk {like i don't need to work today...right!}

anyways, u guys should know how i update my photologs by now. weekend photos only come in on monday or tues because pc at home is damn slow and lagging. notice why i reply msn slow n stuffs.

so hows the weekend ppl? i only slept 2 hours last night cos *yes i came home late from zouk cause sun had free invites to Mambo Jambo which i was reluctant to go in the first place not when u'r tired from shifting house and sleep deprived for weeks...

oh, my new place is like a haven. really. the room is small but slightly bigger and spacious than my previous room. i have my own loo and i don't freaking need to SHARE with anyone! i have the kitchen and washing machine as well. sounds good? haha...the kitchen and washing machine is shared by everyone in the house. but the kitchen's door separates my room from other parts of the house which make it like i'm living on my own crib! just MAY BE i'll snap some shots n have it posted up soon.

ok...i don't know if u guys read what i write or just browse through the photos cause u ain't have nothing better to do.
enough whining. the photos are right below -_- fyi, i'll b rating the food or whatever reviews i'm posting.


28.04.06 - fri {asia cafe}

while waiting for our food, there were few gals walking about giving free drinks...and eventually, they came to our table.

the energy drinks that taste almost like red bull but gas free and plain. {2/5 stars}

the vietnamese beef noodle - ordered by sun. but not as nice as the one in melbourne :P {2.5/5 stars}

'ikan panggang' - ordered by sun. its a bit spicy for the two of us cause we don't take spicy food. but the sauce was good! {2.5/5 stars}

sweet sour crabs - mine mine mine! all mine! muahahahaha! i was craving for it since godknowswhen. the crabs are slightly smaller and the meat is just ok, not super sweet but it was worth it. one and half crab + bread = RM15 sth...ahha...sorry i don't memorize price. {3/5 stars}

bread dip it with the sauce!

after dinner...we went upstairs to check out the place. yes we played foosball.

and if u'r not into foosball, pool is fine!


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