dinner @ OUG

i realised my blog has become a food blog...arrg....this is so not happening! but then again, thats what i do most of the time. finding nice place or places that ppl intro and go try out the food.

last night sun and i headed to OUG to try out the curry chicken mee and seafood mai fan.

the shop that sells curry chicken mee.

the tau fu fa vendor.

pandan flavoured tau fu fa.

btw, i'm be shifting house this weekend and i'll be on 'offline' mode till they install the internet at the new place. for the party ppl, party hard! to the sickies, get well soon! to the lovers, happy pak toh-ing! to the lonely, stop jerking off the porns! go out n have some fun ppl! its the weekend!! happy weekend ppl!


Blogger tonyyy said...

simple food, pasar malam.. good.. so long never been to pasar malam ady.. enjoy many nice food hUh?!

10:29 PM  

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