the walking zombie

i found myself dragging my asses to work this morning. was woken up by smarty ass housemate whom came home around 7-ish {cos i locked the sliding glass the night before}. if there's anything annouying is the amount of quality sleep i get and waking up ritual. i like to wake up fresh. no phone calls or anything in the morning. the 1st thing i don't wish to do is talk. i have this incredible deep voice in the morning. i bet everyone elses do too. but i don't like socializing in the early morning. its just not me. it beats the hell when u know u started u day by forcing one self to get up and get ready to work when u know u have not had enough rest during the hectic weekend.

yea, last weekend is what i call unexpected plans waiting to happen. and it did. the bloggers' gathering at mid valley dome {as much as i want other bloggers to join, it was strictly for invites}, {I didn't manage to attend the QRT, sorry jen i couldn't make it} kenny's bday bash at loft {the one at asian heritage} and kai jie sin sin's bday celebration had to delay to much later date. sunday was basically chilling at home and swimming at the shooting club again with sun and kenny.

am still feeling doubtful bout my life. i don't talk much about work cos i don't think its politically right to rant about it. am still feeling what i feel the night before. the dread of being walking down the lane along once again had never felt so forlorn and yet distinctly unpleasant. but listening to jamie cullum at work calms me down a bit. it sux more when the hard disk at home is partially down. {all my photos from perth, mp3s, TVCs and other important data r all inside} anyone know how to retrieve those lost data? maybe its old and its bailing out on me. for good. just like my past relationships. u know how funny it is to always telling other ppl to put their heads up but its so darn hard to do so myself? i don't see things too positively for now. but hope it'll get better. i really do. anyways, enough bout me.

here are the photos from friday - sun. the photos from friday is from sun's digicam and we took turns snapping away.

# warning: heaps of photos, not for weak connections!

bloggers' gathering @ dome {mid valley}

april's earring collection...this is just one of her many towers.

guess who is behind the cam.

the casear chicken salad i never got to finish...{i will not have cold chicken salad as my first meal of the day ever again}

the other kenny.

calvin tay, smashpop & jasiminne the penguin.

jasonmumbles, kampungkai & i

smashpop & cheesie in a 'keju' conversation.

smashpop & i

yee hou & me

cherrie & jen

cherrie, jen & jason.

the peeps from itsagroupthing.

paul tan and fireangel chatting away...

the other kenny's spaghetti...

albert shooting away.

april with the first generation of digicam. {according to her, it was available 11 years ago. and i didn't even know it exist during that time. its only 1.5 megapixels but its uber cool!}

suanie talking to the group.

M&M earring from april's earring collection.

a slice of unfinished choco cake.

jen's phone

jolene the organizer

suet li has a scary mind for a 17 year old.

leech the ninja

suet li taking photo of albert.

justin & me

elaine with my sunnies

surfer gal & me

getting ready for the jump.

jump! {i can't even see myself in this pic...-_-!!!}

the penguin: be gentle with my baby.

huh huh ha hik~ bergaya-nya...hehe

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
kenny's bday bash @ Loft

me & ashley {the dancer} - albert, u interested? lol

bottles of sin...

its taking way too long to load all the pix in blogspot so im linking the rest of the pix from loft here!
#last friday's pix will continue in another post.

quote of the day: everything else is skin deep


Anonymous jen said...

wooaahh.. banyaknya gambarr!!! :):) nice nice.. :P

6:11 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

Oh.. this is the blogger's gathering ar? Haih.. Why I am not being invited geh??? ='(
Haha.. Blek! =P


12:06 PM  
Blogger cheesie said...

Whoa.... taking forever to load!
But nice meeting you!!

10:51 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

jen: arigato~
j: if i was to organize one, u will be on the vip list! no worries bro! haha =P
cheesie: yea lor...strictly no dial-up! hehe {the pleasure is all mine}

10:44 AM  

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