on the weekend

saturday afternoon: went to the pc fair at convention centre, followed by swimming and dinner at ss3. the western food there was recommended by sun. and guess what? i bumped into robin, my ex-secondary classmate at dinner. what an coincidence.

tunnel leading to the convention centre.

if u guys r wondering why i din take any photos of the pc fair is because i can't b arse to...its so packed inside and i didn't even go in....yeah, go figure.

at the carpark at shooting club. if u look close enough...u can actually see hot steams heating up from the ground.

u want nice cheap western food? this is the place! {its located at ss3}

mushroom soups

mixed grill {portions of lamb chop, egg, chicken chop, sausage, fish and chips, all that for RM9}

chicken chop

peter {the product designer, robin's friend}, robin and sun

sun trying to be an ass there...


Anonymous smashpOp said...

hey hey nice meeting u man... ahha its fun argueing with the security guards together :P

11:38 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

smashpop: same here. so not organized la those ppl -_-

12:03 AM  

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