eat. movie & eat

on sunday. kenny, sun and i went all the way to klang to have our brunch. been wanting to eat bak kut teh since i came to kl but never really had the chance to taste klang's famous bak kut teh so u can say this is my first time. the place we went, their bak kut teh wasn't as nice as i though. so i won't recommend anyone.

i got bored in the car and start taking self portraits...

sun driving us there...

the shop kenny recommended...

kenny cleaning the cups

this was indeed a very filling brunch...no doubt. will try more of klang's other bak kut teh outlets in time to come...

after brunch, stopped by sun's place cos he need to change. this is travis, his toy dog.

on the way for dinner {after watching ice age 2, i reckon its a good movie for the kids and parents and u get tons of laugh!} at this open space place in kl {don't know the name...somebody pls?}

ampang yong tau foo, it actually taste good!

i like this shot of the moon. sun eating his wantan mee

allen sipping the leong sui


Blogger こうゆうけん said...

Bak kuk tehhhhhhhhh! Long time no eat! Alamak today I am going to eat steamboat again :S

6:53 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

koyuuken: haha...yeah man. the last steamboat i had was tuen yuen during cny!

1:31 AM  
Blogger hteekay said...

for a moment there I was thinking "hey when did I go out with you??"

then I realised I'm not the Kenny you're talking about.

But anyway, HI I'm Kenny.. The other one...

10:50 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

the other kenny: wassup wassup?!

2:31 AM  

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