one of those nights

i probably went through this before and without acception. again tonight.
heaps of uncertainty clouds my head.
its moment like this i often question myself. what i am doing? am i doing the right thing? is it worth doing? do i want out? i don't know.

i can't really feel the pain. more of numbness cos i've been through this and its silly to experience it once more like a new born baby. {past experience should have made me wiser}

i should be sleeping like a baby now cos been up whole day doing heaps of stuff today like going all the way to klang for bak kut teh {updates tomorrow}, watching ice age 2, some grocery shopping {very heavy grocery bags...feels like kilosss after yesterday swim} and late dinner in kl.

i should be in bed. instead i'm here writing this entry.

i feel bitter now.


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