at the railway station,
a loving couple cuddles, hugging each other looking in the eyes telling each others their day as i can only read between the lips from afar.
a working woman in her early 30s staring into a movie poster of 'the promise' which is long overdue.
a girl student looking through a folder of papers in search of something important.
two guy friends chatting to each other in a i couldn't care less about the world manner.
a lee cooper ad of a model with tight arses sticking out of a british vintage car revealing the jeans.
the long awaiting crowds at the humid underground station,
all of these doesn't stop the fact i'm actually missing u from each of my stares in the crowds and everywhere i look. the fact that you have long imprint on my mind in a misplaced of time.


Blogger こうゆうけん said...

hmmm... very hard to understand! Your english damn good! I can't get it, can explain a bit? btw, what is 8.46 ?

1:25 AM  

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