had some plans for monday night {mambo jumbo@zouk} but last minute change of plan and ended up watching lucky number slevin at gsc one utama. accompany wei tieng and the rest for their dinner at wongkok before going clubbing which we never did. lol

chocolate lava

this is how u lick the traces of nuts glued to the side of the glass! oh yea...ahha

long, tom and wei tieng

boon and shar in the background

taking photo of wei tieng taking photo of boon & shar

tom + wei tieng

view of the bowling centre from the arcade glass window

playing photo hunt at the arcade centre above gsc {while waiting for our movie}


after watching the movie, i felt satisfied! i just wanna say the art direction for lucky number slevin is damn chun! though i went in the cineplex not knowing who the actors and actresses were{cos we just cin cai book one of the available movies}. the only upset was heaps of censored scenes....kns...sigh and they didn't bother to censor all the f words? ok...fine. lucy liu is hot hot hot!!! hehehe awww...{reminds me of someone so much, her character in the movie, smart lil sweet thing} muahahahha.... ok...sorry...i have the hots for lucy liu....like the hots for marion on 8tv...
pls pls pls go watch...if not get a DVD {though i don't like the idea of supporting pirated ones}


Blogger WeiTieng said...

yucks.. my face look so fat in the 1st pic with long n tom. and u forgot to mention : JOSH HARNET is FRIKKIN HOOTTTTTTTT too. =P

1:01 PM  

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