this is gonna b one of those long entries of photo logs

be warned =P

fri nite: had a small gathering with ex-secondary classmates who are working in kl. the gathering turn out alrite. met up at Green Lotus. its a restaurant hidden behind Lot 10. the exterior of the place might look dodgy but don't let that deceive u. cozy place with right mood for romantic evening. the price is reasonable and the food taste great. later we headed on to star hill, this jazz lounge. i can't remember the name, sorry. nice chill out place. another place u might wanna bring ur date to. again, reasonable price like starbucks. sometimes it amazed me to know that we can still afford good food, drinks and ambience with reasonable price.

robin, the designer {this guy used to sit in front of me during form 3}

max, pet's medication/products supplier {ok...i'm not sure but he's making big bucks} we know each other since primary 1 till now...u do the math.

i seriously need a haircut...

foreign tourists

mark, joan's younger bro (architecture student)

liew (joan's bf, IT person) + joan (the corporate lawyer) i haven't seen her after secondary school. thats like 6-7 years


some not so spicy chicken curry

deep fried prawns

sweet sour pork + yam

scrumble eggs

kai lan with oyster sauce

me, robin, liew, joan & max {mark was behind the camera}

inside star hill

i'm telling u this strawberry cake is to die for!

shirley temple

dewi & the jazz band

nice view of klcc

haha...lamp made of cups and plates


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