guess what. i slept the whole day through. took mc today. can't say i'm fit n kicking but yea, at least a tiny bit better. thanks to those who are concern and send regards. still need more time to recover. this mean no more alcohol and late nights?

one of my friend's bday {kenny looi} is coming up this sunday but he decided to throw a party at loft on sat {which means more flow of alcohol}...i'm torn between going for the bday bash or the quilsilver revolution tour {which will be held at sunway lagoon} both fall on saturday. damn, talk bout bad timing. actually there's 3 things happening on sat. one of which i'm not allow to mention. damnnnn...oh god help me.

i'm running low on cash right now cos i'll be shifting house next month. {actually i can shift by this month} and i've already paid for the 2 months deposit and next month's rental. i'm basically broke!

sun offers to loan me some cash for kenny's bday cos u know...sharing bottles mean more $$$ out the pocket. but i'm really don't know. i hate it when everything clashes at one time. sux!

i've been watching one piece. its jap anime about this kid who wanna be a pirate king. only watch 2 episode so far...hmm...i don't know if i got time to finish it. i doubt myself.

anyways, i'll write again. laters

peace out


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