good news is. i manage to drag myself to work. bad news is, my nose is temporary block. have to breath with mouth. and that is one hell of shit to deal with. in other words, im suffocating here. yes, its that bad. i told myself i shouldn't always take mc {cos i took heaps of mc last year alone}.

my f**king throat filled with phlegm f**king suffocate me the whole night and i was waken up so many bloody times i lost count and have to spit it out so many times which make me sleepless.

now i am here in the office. i hope my day do gets better.

where's that nurse?


Blogger The J's said...

Take care ya dude!! Don onli know how to ask me take care but u don take good care of yourself ya... Haha!! =P


4:34 PM  
Blogger CrazyLobster said...


3:15 PM  

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