raining inside out

i'm a bit shattered. worried. but i guess all these have to wait or to put on hold. what doesn't kill the heart only make it stronger. i hope u too! {u know who u r}

the new place seems solemn. as much as i like the place. i have my own privacy. like i said in my previous entry. its really a nice crib but somehow i felt like there's something missing. still can't online at home cos they haven't activate the line at the new place yet. one thing for sure is that i felt like being "supervised" cos for the past 4 years away from home, i haven't live with a family before. homie, if u'r reading this, don't take it too personal yea? just that i'm so used living alone without adult supervision.

this entry, i'm gonna talk about my work. i've not been happy with my job since the very beginning when i first started ten months ago. i'm in the publishing line. as a creative advertising student, i felt like i have lost the passion some time ago. i remember why i took on this job {my first job and so happen to be the only interview i went that time}. I was desperate for money. i needed to pay the rent and not live on my parents. i needed to get it done by all mean. after ten months, i've realised i've slipped away from my original plan, which is to get into an agency or any design based company. i felt like it was only yesterday when time seems to play trick on my mind. time is a what i hope i don't loose to. we, human created 'time' so i think we will recreate 'time' for ourselves somehow. those of u who know me should know that i've been procrastinating bout changing this job and get the one i long desired of. getting out of the comfort zone is something that isn't what i wish now. but i need to change my way of life. staying in this job make my brain less functional cos i don't even need to brainstorm or mind map anymore. all those moolah has{almost} just gone to waste. this cannot be happening. it should not {so i speak}. so good luck to me and hopefully, luck will be on my side as i venture out of my comfort zone!


Anonymous homie said...

Hehe homie... I'm also so used to living alone without supervision liao :p but i haven't really seen you since you moved in wor. It feels like you're leaving next door. Should I start calling you neighby instead of homie?

4:03 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

homie: =___= at least u seen me once ler...out of the one week i think lol =P

9:34 AM  

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