its been a tiring week.

friday night session at loft was crap! police raid. yes u heard me! freaking police raids around 1.30am, crashed the party! and i can sense the panic in the air. if it was a bday gift for my friend sam {the bday boy}, it was definitely not very welcome. two girls were handcuffed after the urine test. wasn't sure why they were caught. my guess would be either they are underage or taking substances. the scene where one of the cops shouted at the gal, i think almost everyone freaked out and the other cops took out the handcuffs...that was really scary i tell u...sigh. i wasn't even in the mood for clubbing earlier on. had to 'tahan' my pee for few hours before my name was called for urine test. yes, everyone had to hand in their IC to the cops!...the raid lasted til 4am...

seriously, what boils me is the fact that cops treat us like we r criminals sometimes. it is as if we were taken off our rights to talk or anything at all. i had once lost my IC. corrections - my IC and mobile phone was stolen. and i had to make a police report. next thing u know, a higher ranking officer was questioning me how it happen this and that. is the way they talk to u. it is as if they were not taught to speak in a polite manner. the way he handles the situation was as if i was the criminal and he was the goodie goodie cops that tries to help! - is that malaysia boleh?

and another case while studying in perth - i was mobbed by this aboriginal dude {god knows how much i loath them now and u can call me a racist}. i reported the incident to the australian police and surprisingly, they were really friendly. i should say extremely friendly to the point that they talked politely and consoled me like as if my best friends would.

my point here is, malaysia who always promote the country for our hospitality, friendliness and god knows *politeness... but it is not practised in a real situation and i am so disappointed as a malaysian that the fact we preach so much and yet do nothing about it. im not trying to make a hatred statement or trying to offence the government or our law enforcement. i'm sad because we are taken off our rights to voice. where is our rights? most malysians do not know about their rights or some just ignoring it? we are taught to listen and follow. thats was our way of learning since young. but it has got to change for the better. laws and regulations are meant to protect us. not used against us!

blardy potong stim night i tell u.
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finally met up with bro mikel and jason siah this afternoon. had some talk and exchange of opinions on various topics. ranging from gals to work. general life itself. ok i lied. {more along the line of gals, gals and gals}

anyways, photos will be up on monday. i'm too darn exhausted now so i'll talk to u guys soon. have a nice Sunday yo!


Blogger The J's said...

Hey bro.. I had this kind of experience before.. Told u ald tat day.. I was ok cos I was the lucky one who did not need to go to the JAIL.. My frens all kena and I needed to call their parents one by one to come and fetch them in police station.. Damn blardy pissed off!! =P

Nice meeting u on Saturday.. When is our 2nd meeting then? Haha~ Nice chatting with u.. Hope to see u again soon... AND~ Take care of your stomach la wei....


2:41 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

j: detention mar. i think those innocent ones who kena are the worst...wasting time and can only get out with bribes. nice meeting u too and will take care one la~ don't so po ma. we 38 again soon! kakaka! =p

9:03 PM  
Anonymous chloe said...

zouk raids again? aiyo... was just planning to go. but underaged la. =P

10:26 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

chloe: its the one at asian heritage. not zouk's loft :P
(anyhow, doesn't make a difference, when u have to wait 2-3 hours for ur name to be called to pee is just so wrong)

12:50 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

38 again soon? Sure no problem~ Dare u say me poma.. U and Mikel are the poma one.. choose what to eat also po po ma ma.. 2 hours still havent got the decision... Grrrrr >< Hahaha! Okla.. We 38 next time then! =P


1:47 PM  

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