care to donate a new pc?

i fucking tossed my computer at home!

yes, due to careless-ness and also it has served me long enough.
first bought 5 years ago. it was the first batch of pentium4 equiped (1.6ghz) with only 256mb of RAM, (the old school SDRAM) upgraded to 512mb way later. built in graphic card...u can say it was just alright with that kind of specification. since i dont play much games. main purpose was to do design assignments. one would argue that a good graphic card would have provide faster/better running when using photoshop effects. {well, cheapo me back then had insufficient cash and an average pc would do just fine, really}
i think its time to get a new one. but this came too soon. {actually i predicted it will die on me soon, just not that soon!}
this means bye bye to my savings... si beh pek chek now! -_______-

awwwwww...for frust! i tell u...
i was cleaning the CPU...casing, interior, exterior...brushing off the dust...
clumsy and forgetful, i switch on the pc for about half an hour. was typing resume and stuff. went to the loo for a while, came back and withness the pc shut down all of a sudden right in my face! i tried to turn it on but it just won't reboot anymore.
then i checked...the fan on the processor, i frigging forgotten to tighten it! FUCK!!! ....

called up my pc expert friend Cyril to ask him what could have caused the pc not to reboot.
after i told him about the situation, his prediction was that my power unit has died on me. its time to get a new one then.

now i'm thinking to get a new power unit? *oh yea...remember that partially of the hard disk that died on me few weeks ago? that need to be changed too...which means money money money!....cb....
there goes all my savings... :(

new power unit or just get a whole new motherboard and components? i can still use back the DVD player, CD burner and the still usable hard disk. {i have 2 hard disks, but unfortunately the newer one died on me first...weird...}

on the other hand, work has not been productive, still hunting for better jobs. love is souless. seems like everything come crashing all at once. what a way to go in june! yay!...fuck me.


/sry for reading this!


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