weak legs. tiring arms. heavy neck.

....worn out totally. the weekend was random. last minute plan to tag along kenny and companies to malacca rave. {because of one extra ticket and its free...i slaved myself for the weekend which i did not intend to go in the first place cos non of the kakis i know are going.}
my brain is still idle...stiffed neck, tiring body...weak legs {too much shuffling}. and was too smacked from fai zai and e. hahaha...u wish. and at the loo area, i bumped into koteki and she said sth like this: "calvin, u look so high! u're not on drugs are u? don't do it...its really bad..." {i figure she was prolly saying that cos i was sweating profusely from the hot weather that night and also exhaustion from shuffling}

if u r wondering if i was high on substances? no. i'm naturally high on music and good vibes from the ppl around me! {oh! and alcohol too...hehhee} dont do drugs kids! warning from uncle calvin! its really good when u are high but the coming down is twice as bad! or so i heard...just a friendly reminder.

here i am at work. head feeling heavy. brain seems so dead. the only thing i can think of right now is my bed. and the night before i was flipping, turning so much i only managed to get a good sleep around 4-5am...so not cool! it was a hot night i must say till i tried sleeping on the cement floor to cool my body. but it didn't work for long. my arses started to hurt and back on the matress i went.

anyways, photos coming up real soon. be patient aite.

laters peeps!

p/s: i'm so tired i could sure use a week off just to clear my head and rest my body!


Blogger Kelly Siew said...

that's right, no drugs!

12:14 PM  
Blogger The J's said...

NO DRUGS pls~~~ Good advice from UNCLE CALV! Hehe.. =D

Btw, next time try to take a bath before sleeping.. U will definitely feel better dee.. Lol


1:34 PM  

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