040706 - flying home

the new terminal - LCCT (awaiting hall)

marv, look who i bumped into at the airport. ur lil bro elvin.
{this kid is 9 years my junior but i think i look younger. no shit}

walking towards the plane.

Now everyone can fly.
{the plane has Manchester United design on it.}

the plane was new. check out the air-conditional system.
here's a vid to show u how new the plane is.

far from ground.

the kid is sleeping.

i just love blurry shot.

stay tune.


Blogger Chienne said...

cibai, i am so not gonna fall asleep anywhere near you in the future - soi soi kenak photographed with mouth open LOL!

and yeah, he does look a lil older than you. WUAHAHA.

1:10 AM  

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