superman was....woah! makes me wanna be a savoir of the world. that capacity to save ppl is just breath taking.
and u guys know what? hehehe...jen is rite, there is a surprise in the movie. huh...so we'll probably be seeing another superman flying around in the near future...oh shit...did i just give that away? hehe...SPOILER! hehe and yea. i notice jen, ur name and ur brothers were at the credits part.
i noticed the suit for superman returns has similar texture to the one in spiderman2. the material is so rubber-ish...and uber cool. must be damn heavy to wear those costumes. i also noticed a scene where the CGI is a bit fake...kinda like the scene in Matrix3, where Neo fought with many many Agent Smith. fake that way lor...storyline wise, nothing new. just same old recycling. bad guys making commotions, superman saves the day! and also the love of his life, lois lane :)

{4/5 stars} - for the cool
{floating in the air} kao lui trick. the man of steel. not even bullets can blast thru his blue eyes!


Blogger The J's said...

Dammit~ Must watch.. =P


2:11 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

ehhe :P see!! see!! toldja so~ :P hehe..

yea.. some cgi was quite fake.. butwattado.. tech not so advance yet~ lol

8:07 AM  

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