drift baby drift!

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watched the premiere screening of The fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift at mid valley last nite. there was some tight security check going on! i think its crazy. there were big size *bouncer* guys scanning everyone before entering the movie. i'm not sure if what they are doing were coherent to one scene, where Sean {Lucas Black} and other students were scanned before entering the school compound.

i won't say its good but the stunts and drifting was awesome!~ storyline wise...hmm....didn't really get me up and jumping. there is one part i really like was, when Han {Sung Kang} drifts his car around this skyline parked in the middle of the street with 2 hotties in it! of cos the gals gave their numbers to him right after the drift...what a cool way to pick up chiqs! no pick up lines needed! *wanna be a drifter now?

things to check out in this movie:
hawt hawt babes & rides!

rating: 2.5/5 stars
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another movie i'm awaiting this month:

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Blogger Kelly Siew said...

superman returns i wanna see it!!!!

2:43 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

kelly: same here! :P

1:15 AM  

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