germany kick-off party @ a famosa

i'm too lazy to edit the photos...so if anyone wanna view the photos from the malacca's rave, just click here!

but i have few videos for u guys! {oh, must adjust your monitor's brightness/contrast cos one or two vids are quite dark}

that's kenny shuffling!

some random shufflers!

on a different note: been scanning through the pricelists of pc and the components which i downloaded from www.hardwarezone.com.my. i'm gonna go hunt for parts at low yatt this saturday. looking forward to dizzy computer shopping. thats all for now. will updates later!



Blogger Rames said...

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11:33 AM  
Anonymous Rames said...

Cool videos! Erm, the other day, me and my frens was talking about trip to a famosa. Book a banglo etc. Not really sure when.. *still deciding*

Oh btw, Rames here. Your new visitor :P.

11:36 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

rames: thx for checking out my site!

10:36 AM  

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