pls grant me a CPU today!

no pc sucks BIG BIG time! when i say sucks! i mean literally!
hopefully, without dragging on, i'm gonna get the CPU by tonight. pls pls don't charge me 3% gst! argg!!


the weekend has been slow... friday night was spent alone. at home. *internet-less*
can imagine how bored i was in my room...looking up the ceiling...staring into empty space, pc screen and cpu that doesn't wanna boot. arggh. oh, minus the neighb
ourhood country chit-chat on the phone with mashie. hehe...thx for filling in my boredom. talking to u is like self reflecting. its always nice to talk to u.

sat was spent hang kai with sai lou mikel at One Utama
and we went to catch this mushy mushy korean movie called "Almost Love". mikel so wanted to watch Cars but i hate the idea. he watched The Omen already...i watched Da Vinci Code...so compromise compromise...haha...actually i wanted to watch that movie myself...hhaa...he kena dragged to watch *chick flick* with me...yea. he labelled the movie chick flick...keep on yakking even after the movie...said he doesn't like to watch this and that. he even fall asleep in the movie. ok...for one, i rather watch with a gal...but that option was not available at the time.

www.awoongdawoong.co.kr/ for the official site! go watch! if u'r into romantic flicks!

oh...i got a new phone....thx to someone...i am now more broke then i ever can!

got the image off sony ericsson's site.



over and out.


Blogger The J's said...

Ur sailou... Always sleep in the cinema.. haih.. SIEN DIAO.. @_@'''


3:13 PM  

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