my new CPU has been postponed for so long...
was gonna have it done on Monday night but by the time i got to Low Yatt, the shop was almost closed but was able to get quotations from two different shops before cabut-ing.

last night i went there again and decided to just get it done at one of the twos!
it was rather choosing the casing of the CPU part that dragged the time and sorry to have make my hungry and running out of patient friend sun wait for the undecisive me.
initially i was gonna get this white slick simple casing but its in the other shop so i ended up getting a grey one. it is still slick but it just slightly bigger than the white one.
a Pentium 4 3.0GHZ processor, motherboard, 1gb 667MHZ Corsair ram, 200GB western digital SATA II hard disk, Geforce 6200 128MB graphic card, ATX G3 casing all added up to a near 1.8k. was suppose to get a DVDrw but to cut down on budget, i'm throwing in my old DVD rom and also my CDrw to the new CPU.

due to time factor again, was told to collect it today but since i'm pretty much cripple on transport. i need to wait till some time again...maybe tomorrow? not sure...i hate waiting...blah. i'm so tired of this...then the installation of windows, softwares etc...so much work. and i have to transfer my old hard disk's data to the new one...which only means more work to be done...

*all just because i didn't clip on the fan properly and caused my old pc to die on me?

is it worth it? u ask me...why not get the power unit and have it fixed? cos the old pc is really lagging and if u run more than one program at a time, the pc is like frigging panting for S.O.S.

may it be a pleasant wait.


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