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i officially hate this stupid posting system!!! its gone! all gone!!

fine. rewrite again! no biggie! rite?
wassup with all the pimpings that been going on...lol i get fat reading 'em :P

was chatting with a dear friend today. we were talking along the line of love. we questioned love. where is the love once so pure, sweet and almost naive. she quotes her first love as pure, non judgmental, honest and doubtless. is there really such a thing?...i'm much in doubt.
but u know what? ppl and love comes and goes from time to time. is it a good thing? or should we see it from another point of view? leaving the bad for us so we can see the good? my take on this? dont wait. be random. happy for now, sad the next minute, thats love right? like they say, it will come to u when u least expected it. it did happen for me. it did. and i was glad and still am.

nowadays i've been spending quite a fair amount of time by myself leaving sufficient time for self reflection. which made me miss some of the thing i missed doing like cooking. so i attempt to cook again {the night before}.

beef steak. medium cooked. marinated in marmite, osyter sauce, white peppers, chopped garlic & onions.

p/s: photos from Genting with my parents last weekend will be up soon.


Blogger こうゆうけん said...

Blogspot sometimes has many problems like error posting which make you need to rewrite again and again, that's why i register my own domain. Anyway, long time no going to genting with parent liao...

5:24 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

koyuuken > grr....but own domain need to pay wor~ my dad haven't been to kl more than 13 years.

9:46 AM  

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