RWMF - Day 1

i'm pretty sure a lot of ppl have been blogging bout this event. anyways, i am still gonna share my photos with u lucky ppl. oh, almost half the photos i took were blur. grrr
we stayed at camp permai {thanks to irene!} for three hot days. yes, kuching was having a heat wave. like really REALLY HOT!! BURNING HOT BABY o_O

yea, we bought heaps of tickets for the three days event. but eventually we only bought for two days.

it was pouring on the first day of RWMF. jenny {irene's baby sister} got me in for free, thx! as irene and the rest didn't manage to get in on the first day, i hang out with brandon & some old friends whom haven't met in ages.

the crowds.

not sure what's the name of this group but they were working the crowds!

shaz + brandon {he just create a new blog acc, remind me again dude!}
oh, sharon's latest single is out, have a listen!

he is always drunk.

the person i owe my RWMF day 1 to, Jenny!

yc, was nice meeting u for the first time!

beers to help me get thru the night. apparently the music wasn't like hard dance or r&b or jazz for that matter...so alcohol really helps to get me in the mood.

rays of lights {error works wonder at times}

jackie the SIA stewardess!

jen trying to be cam shy.

that's all for now...to be continued!
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edited: there's this ang moh fella maybe too high or too happy god knows what he was thinking running naked with his pants down and shirtless, security guards were holding him mad as he kept pushing his pants down...i was too stunned to take any pic of that. and when i wanted to...i felt disgusted...


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