omg. don't waste ur money watching re-cycle. ok, maybe i'm being bias cos i don't freaking understand what the whole movie is about. i mean i did but it freaking make me damn blur at the end of the movie. like wtf...har? end already? just like that? i sooooooo not understand what was going on.
the only reason the movie was good is because lee sinje damn good in acting. her expression is world class oscar winning thumbs up! but other than that, i don't see why anyone must pay that much to watch this movie. oh, the graphics and CGI is goodie goodie too. did i just contradict myself there? i think i did.
oh! there's one scene where one of the audience screamed so loud! it got others panicking :P hehe

ok...im so brain dead now. ttyl



Blogger The J's said...

Hey Bro~ I hv watched tat movie.. Ya, I really like Lee Sin-Jie damn much~ She is getting matured in her acting~ Improved a lot.. Can win OSCAR somemore la, as u said~ haha! As for the story.. The behind part.. ERm.. Really a bit @_@''' Like this lor.. Cos quite blur.. But still an interesting movie ma.. If wanna go.. Go on Wed.. hahaha! =P


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